Innovations in Photoluminescent Exit Signs, Photoluminescent Stair Nosings and Photoluminescent Exit Path Markers

Photoluminescent Retrofit at Toronto Office Building

Fire Safety and Energy Saving Upgrade at 8 Floor Toronto Office Building Provides Facility with State of the Art Ecoglo Photoluminescent Exit Signs and Photoluminescent Emergency Lighting System.

Ecoglo’s photoluminescent exit signs are off the grid and help facilities save on operating costs.

Toronto’s Community Housing Services replaced all of the 63 electrically-powered exit signs at their 8 floor head office building (below left) in Toronto and replaced them with Ecoglo photoluminescent exit signs. The savings were an average of $32 per exit sign per year with a payback of 2.4 years.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs TorontoThe staff architect for accessibility and sustainable design, Elizabeth Jassem, is pleased with the performance of the photoluminescent exit signs and the complete Ecoglo fire exit photoluminescent emergency lighting system.

The fire exit stairwells (below middle and right) have Ecoglo photoluminescent exit path markers installed as specified in the 2009 International Fire Code, with new photoluminescent nosings for the stairs, new photoluminescent strips for the handrails, new photoluminescent guidance strips for the landing baseboards and new photoluminescent emergency egress signs and photoluminescent floor identification signs for the walls.

The Toronto Community Housing Services has specified the Ecoglo photoluminescent emergency lighting system in eight building retrofits in 2009 and 2010 and for eight additional buildings in 2010 and 2011.

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